Sunday, September 9, 2012

Streets of Italy

Italy is such a great country to visit and tour. 
Some of the streets are fascinating to walk through and take in the beauty.  Here are a few streets
we traversed. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Travel to Siena, Italy

Third part of the European Vacation is to Siena, Italy and we arrive the day after the Palio!  Siena is a fascinating place of energy.

The city was thriving, energetic and fun after the 1st Palio, Jul 2nd, 2011.

The Oca (Goose) Parish won that race.  They had a parade at all  hours of the night.  This is the
Palio di Provenzano.

The next day would be July 4, 2011 (4th of July, Independence Day in the United States). 
More on Siena next blog.

Part I Italy trip Lake Como

Part II Italy trip Venice

Thank you from Royal Presence.

Italy, 2011 Venezia! Venice

From Lake Como we travel to Venice!  Venice is the most amazing place, with just so many places to explore.  I particularly liked traveling to the Cicchetti bars for small appetizers,  so delicious, great seafood and homemade goodies. 

As in many parts of Europe there are wonderful churches with amazing art. 
Santa Maria della Salute (Basilica of St. Mary of Health) hosts a Black Madonna.,
Madonna the mediator.

Scala Contarni del Bovolo - Spiral Staircase


 After Venice, we arrive in Siena the day after the Palio! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy 2011

I think this trip was the best vacation of all time, all time highlight of a life time.
Our trip to Italy began in Varenna, Italy on Lake Como. 
Hopping off the train, we trekked to Albergo Milano our hotel.  I wasn't prepared for the hike up the winding hills, but we made it and thank God, my son was patient.  I was happy to be there, but tired and hot.  Once we got to the hotel and could see the lake, I was overwhelmed by the view.  It was just incredible and looked like a postcard, almost surreal. We ate dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, which was fabulous and Bar Il Molo.

From what I could see, there was a whole community of stepped alleys going up and down and winding around. Amazing!  We walked to the restaurants and investigated the area.  Lots of little shops and boutiques right on the shore.  It was very peaceful and quiet and not touristy at all, at least in the area we stayed. 

Day 2 we took a ferry ride around the lake.  First we took a car ferry to Bellagio, then we went back and got the other ferry which will stop at each of the stops along the way, like Lenno, Bellagio, Tremezzo.  In Lenno, we stopped at the market and I bought a blouse made of Italian cotton, very colorful and looks like the sea.  I fell down the stairs of the boat during this trip.  No scars, just humbled.

At Tremezzo, we visited the grand hotel with its floating pool and had a glass of wine at the outdoor restaurant on the shore, and Villa Carlotta gardens. One section of the garden was all gardenias.  From those spectacular views you can see Bellagio.    It was gorgeous as you might imagine.
This was our beginning days into the Italy travels, enjoying the food, wine, hospitality and culture. Then went to Lugano, Switzerland.

Back to Varenna and from there we take a train to Venice.  Big, thank you to my son who coordinated all the logistics, being tour guide of the entire trip, photographer, happy companion, standing in line for tickets and reservations, carrying suitcases when mine would tip over and translating what was offered on the menu and for putting up with me when I couldn't keep the pace.  
Next up will be:
Day 4-6 Venezia
Day 7-9 will be Siena.
Day 10-12 will be Giaole in Chianti